The Product - Vindica

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our first and proud product is the Vindica Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made using exclusively the best Arbequina variety olives grown in local southern catalan fields.

The Origin

120 kilometers (75 miles) southwest from Barcelona, in the province of Tarragona, bathed by the Mediterranean sea, is a land of rich tradition in olive growing and oil making.

Olives of the Arbequina variety are native to this land. Along with the proverbial combination of the fairest weather and the richest soil, the combination of it all has provided the grounds for a long lasting tradition in the farming of this fruit, and the excellent oil that is made from it. A tradition honed by time and a people devoted to ever making it better.

Those producers that still hold tight to these traditions are recognized by the Protected Denomination of Origin Siurana. And among those who also implement the best of modern techniques and facilities, the best of them all, are those who produce our Vindica Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our producers are owners of their own land, organized in an agricultural cooperative. They know the soil, the crop, the weather… Masters at their craft, they make the best for us, and we bring it to you.

The Making

Olives are collected only directly from the olive tree, when they are at the exact point of ripeness. Once harvested, they are delivered to the mill where they are analyzed and tried for flaws. After separating those that are not up to the maximum standards, they are taken to press and crushed on the same day of their harvest. This way we ensure they maintain their freshness, health and level of optimal ripeness when the milling process begins. The process is done through state-of-the-art mechanical procedures in a temperature controlled environment, so the impeccable quality of the fruit is carried on to the oil produced.

The milling process and related systems are constantly adapted to improvements and innovations, prioritizing quality and environmental friendliness as main criteria.

The Result

To ensure the oil arrives at your table without losing a speck of its taste, oil is kept in a protected and controlled environment and bottled on command.

  • Controlled Environment – Bottled on Command

Furthermore, we only use UV shielded dark glass bottles to protect the oil from exposure to sunlight which would spoil its quality.

  • UV Shielded bottles.

All bottles are fitted with a drip stopper for easy serving and tamper seal for your tranquility.

  • Drip Stopper and Tamper Seal

Three sizes to match your daily use.

  • 250ml, 500ml, 750ml